Big Boss 13 Winner Sidharth Shukla Dies At 40

Big Boss 13 Winner Sidharth Shukla
Dies At 40.

Former Bigg Boss contestant Rahul Mahajan has relayed what the late actor Sidharth Shukla’s mother told him when he visited her on Thursday, hours after news of Sidharth’s death first emerged. The actor was 40.

In an interview, Rahul Mahajan said that Sidharth’s mother told him the chronology of events on Thursday night, and that it might differ from the police’s account.

He told ABP News in Hindi, “His mother is quite a spiritual person. She told me… And this might not be in line with what the police has said, but it’s what I remember. He came back around 10:30-11 pm, after having had food outside. Normally he eats at home. He then went to bed, she said, and woke up around 3:30 am, complaining of discomfort. He asked for a glass of water, but didn’t wake up.”

He continued, “His mother saw him at 7 am, he was lying there. But she thought he must be asleep. After some time, she felt that it was a bit unnatural the way he was sleeping, so she called a doctor, and the doctor took him to the hospital in an ambulance.”

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Rahul described Sidharth’s mother as a ‘powerful’ person who was in absolute control of her emotions. She woke up at 3 am because she meditates, he said.

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In another interview, Rahul had said that Shehnaaz Gill, who was rumoured to be dating Sidharth, seemed ‘pale’. He told a leading daily, “She had gone completely pale as if a storm had just passed by and washed away everything.”

Sidharth was rushed to the Cooper hospital in Mumbai on Thursday morning but was declared dead on arrival. Though initial reports suggested that he suffered a heart attack, the cause of his death is yet to be confirmed. His funeral will take place on Friday.


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