New Intizamia committee formed at Jamia masjid Shahi-e- Hamdan Dalgate

A newly constructed Intizamia committee was formed today at Jamia Masjid Shahi-e- Hamdan r.a Dalgate under the chairmanship of Haji Mehraj Din Banday, Cheif Imam of the Masjid. The decision was unanimously taken by all the respected residents of Dalgate and a newly committee was constituted keeping welfare and development of masjid and darasgah-e- taleemul Quran into consideration. Viewing this as a landmark decision, Haji Mehraj din Banday said, this Committee will work for progress and welfare of Masjid, Darasgah and mohalla. He also pressed upon unity among all the newly and previous Intizamia members and asked everyone to work together as a bond of hope and new light for needy people.

While talking to a board member
Muzamil Maqbool who was elected as General Secretary said “The foundation stone of Shahi hamdan Jamia masjid Dalgate was laid by
Ameer-e-Kabeer r.a himself and it is evident that Ameer-e-Kabeer had spent a lot of time in “Ehtikaaf” Islamic practice consisting of a period of staying in a mosque for a certain number of days, devoting oneself to ibadah for days/months and staying away from worldly affairs” This is a heritage masjid and it has to be preserved at any cost.

Another Board member “Khursheed Ahmad Sofi who was elected as a Treasurer said, We have been chosen for a holy cause at a masjid which has highly historical significance and values.

The new Intizamia board was formed along with general members as well.

Mr. Ghulam mohd Wani :- President
Mr. Hilal Ahmad Laway:- Vice-president
Mr. Sheikh Saleem:Additional Vice-president
Mr. Muzamil Maqbool :- General Secretary
Mr. Khursheed Ahmed Sofi:- Treasurer
Mr. Manzoor Ahmad Mir:- Consultant (Finance)
Dr. Zahoor Ahmad:- Consultant (Finance)
Mr. Mir Jaleel:- Organizer
Mr. Showket Sofi:- Chief Advisor
Mr. Haji Aijaz Ahmad:- Advisor

General members body:-

Shakeel Ahmad Khan
Javid iqbal beigh
Hilal bhat
Masood Ahmad bhat
Mohd shafi beigh
Irfan shafi
Nazir Ahmad laway
Noor mohd langoo
Ghulam nabi bhat
Mohd ashraf zargar
Khalid Ahmad najar
Arsalan Javid
Bilal Ahmad Khan


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