Motor Driving schools association of Kashmir held meeting today under President ship of Mr Syed wahid Hussain

Motor Driving schools association of Kashmir held meeting today on 03-10-2021under President ship of Mr Syed wahid Hussain, he urged UT Transport Department to make proffesional training compulsory for those learning to Drive cars and any Two wheeler before they kiget permanent Driving licences.

The association claims the professional training sessions will help people to understand rules of safe Driving better, thereby curbing accidents caused by rash driving and voilation of basic Traffic rules,said Mr Syed wahid Hussain Association President
Various surveys have highlighted why two wheeler riders are at High risk of dying in accidents.J&K records a high number of such accidents

Incidents of rash driving are on the rise Driver needs proper Training at initial stage .Motor Driving schools can play vital role in providing basic information of laws and safety measures to riders,who are other wise unaware of such laws ,” Hussain said.

The association’s Vice president Mr Peerzada Rafiq ahmad ,who runs a Motor Driving school,said that very few people approach driving schools to learn to ride two wheelers , A mere Driving test at the regional office is not sufficient ,Ahmad said.

The spokes person of Association Er Junaid Nazir said Its need of time to make it mandatory for issuance of permanent licence one should undergo the Professional training from Driving schools ,As per Rule 16 of j&k motor vehicles rule 1991 and section 9 of motor vehicles act 1988 it’s mandatory to go driving school prior to Get Driving licence permanently.and our Association will approach the UT Transport Commissioner with a written request soon .

The Motor Driving Schools Association has appealed to riders of two wheelers to wear protective head Gear and Four wheeler Drivers to fasten seat belt while Driving.


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