Vibodh Calls for Early Return of POJK Displaced Persons to Their Motherland

 POJK Displaced Persons Take a Strong Pledge for RestoringTheir Lost Glory

Jammu 22 October 2021 BJP J&K general secretary and former MLC Vibodh Gupta today called for the early return of Pak Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (POJK) displaced persons to their motherland. Vibodh made these remarks while addressing a special gathering of POJK displaced persons. The programme was organised by Gita Mandir Simriti Bhawan Sanstha at Jammu today. Prior to this programme a Prabhat Pheri was also organised to offer Shradhanjali to the martyrs of Muzaffarabad who were martyred by tribals and Pakistan Army during invasion on 22 October 1947.


In his address the gathering Vibodh threw light on the history of various sacrifices made by the displaced people of POJK. Paying his tributes to all those who were martyred on 22nd October 1947, Vibodh said that we should never forget the sacrifices made by these innocent people. On this occasion Vibodh also joined everyone present in the programme and took oath to give an end to the vows of POJK people by liberating POJK and by settling all the POJK displaced people back to their motherland.


Vibodh concluded his remarks by making a strong resolve to highlight the problems of POJK displaced persons and to help them in every way possible so that they can return to their roots and to the places of their ancestors. Through such measures the displaced people of POJK will not only get their lost homeland but will also regain their lost identity and culture, Vibodh remarked.


In his address to the gathering Dr. Deepak Kapoor, paid his rich tributes to all POJK Martys and demanded urgent and early unfreezing of all the POJK assembly seats. This he said is the only way to give justice to all those persons of POJK who have been displaced during the bloodshed of October 1947. All the people present in the programme also took a strong resolve to fight unitedly to restore their lost glory. Prominent among others who were present in the programme included Yash Pal Kapoor, Naveen Vij, Arun Tandon, Anju Tandon, Mamta Verma, Gourav Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Subash Amla and Sumit Kumar.



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