Invoking sedition charges against Kashmiri students ‘an overreach’: PC

‘States can’t afford to indulge in knee jerk reactions’

Srinagar, Oct 29 : Sajad Gani Lone led Peoples Conference Friday strongly objected to invocation of sedition charges by Uttar Pradesh government against Kashmiri students in Agra, terming such measures a blatant violation of constitutional rights and an overreach.

The party spokesman in a statement to GNS said that ‘slapping of such charges is a blatant violation of constitutional rights and one size fits all punitive measures will be counterproductive in the long run.’

“These students at best need counseling rather than being charged under laws meant for serious offenses damaging the integrity of the country and posing an imminent threat to public order. Punitive actions and harsh measures will further alienate young Kashmiris and will neither help reduce the Dil Ki Doori nor create an environment of trust and friendship between Delhi and the youth of Kashmir,” the party spokesman said.

He said that slapping of charges against the Kashmiri students studying outside the state are fraught with dangerous consequences as such actions will not only further the mistrust but will also deepen the wedge between Kashmir and other parts of the country.

“States can’t afford to indulge in knee jerk reactions for they are defined by magnanimity and we hope the state of UP shows magnanimity which incidentally is a rarity with that government”, he added. (GNS)


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