Fake Profiles asking transfer of money on Facebook

 October 30, 2021

Now a days On social Media Hackers Hack profile account of a person text his/her friends relatives asked to transfer money on accounts.
In this kind of fraud, scammer or fraudster either creates an account impersonating an actual Facebook account or hacks into an existing Facebook account. In either case, the scammer/hacker/ fraudster uses the fake/hacked account to send private messages to the account holder’s friends that elicit either money or personal information on the pretext of some urgent help etc.

SOS scammers appear as friend or relative who is in a dire need of some urgent money either for himself or for a friend who is in hospital or met with an accident, and so on and will return the money within one or two days.

Facebook users should confirm first if Someone is asking you for money. Any time anyone asks you for money over Messenger, it’s immediately suspect. If friends or family ask you to help them in an emergency, always call to speak with them personally to confirm that the message originated with them.


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