Noted Tablighi Peer Shams-ud-Din Passes Away

Jahangir Lolabi

Kupwara, Nov 12: Peer Shams-ud-Din, deemed as one of the oldest surviving Tablighi Jamaat figures’, passed away on Friday afternoon at Kupwara. He was 90.

Peer Shams-ud-Din, as per family, was suffering with protracted illness for the past several years and subsequently breathed his last at his makeshift accommodation in Masjid Murshideen.

Din known for his religious acumen, is deemed to be among the oldest Tableeghi Jamaat figures, who travelled across length and breadth of Kashmir and outside, exhorting his fellow Muslims to practice the religion as per the Quran and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The funeral prayers to the deceased will be performed after Maghrib prayers at Masjid Murshideen. *_Kashmir Glory News_*


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