Hyderpora ‘Encounter’: PADG Demands ‘Time-Bound’ Judiciary Inquiry, Rejects Magisterial One Ordered By Govt

Says Won’t Allow Kashmir To Be Turned Into Graveyard, Demand ‘Rule Of Law’

Srinagar, Nov 18 : People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) on Thursday demanded “judicial inquiry” into the killing of civilians in the controversial “encounter” at Hyderpora here and asked the authorities to handover bodies sans delay being their “constitutional right and not a favour .”

Addressing reporters here after PAGD’s meeting at the residence of chairman and National Conference president Farooq Abdullah, alliance’s spokesperson Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami said the magisterial inquiry ordered into the “destructive incident” was unacceptable because same was akin to being “judge, jury and executioner.”

“We held a meeting regarding grave tragedy which innocent people faced at Hyderpora. We have assembled to take stock of the unfortunate situation.

Mehboobaji (PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti) could not come because she was placed under house arrest which is unfortunate and condemnable,” Tarigami, who is leader of CPI (M) said.

“We have demanded in our separate statements that there should be halt on such destructive incidents. This is not only our concern but every citizen. Local citizen cannot feel secure in such a situation and there is continuous breach of law by law enforcers which is unacceptable,” he said, adding, “We can have difference of opinion on political front but whatever is happening and in particular this grave tragedy, it remains the important issue for all of us.”

The PAGD demanded judicial inquiry within a time-bound manner. “Those who have been killed cannot be brought back but their families and kin should be get justice,” he said, adding, “We want to ask question to government of India. Is killing innocent civilians necessary for national security”. Have we come to such a pass? This is our question.”

Tarigami said a letter being sent to President of India and “we have demanded that there should be credible inquiry.”

“We reject magisterial inquiry ordered. It is same administration which killed and it cannot act as judge, jury and executioner. This is not acceptable,” he said, adding, “We demand a credible inquiry and to our belief it could only be judicial inquiry. Those who are responsible should be brought to book. This is our demand.”

The PAGD if demand of not met then “our parliamentarians such as Farooq sahib, Masoodi sahib, Mohammad Akhbar Lone will meet President. They will get other opposition leaders in confidence and inform president about the situation in Kashmir.”

“We demand that bodies should be handed over to kin without delay. There should be no time-table. I want to tell that the government to stop, stop this,” he said, adding,” This is historical fact that when there glass is filled out of capacity, water overflows and same is the case with patience. Don’t construe patience as silence. You are not gauging things in right perspective. Irrespective of difference on political front, we are together and won’t allow Kashmir to turn as graveyard. This is our belief and this is our appeal to government to listen to this voice.”

The PAGD spokesperson said that no matter what highest position one occupies if he is a law violator, he should be brought to book.

“Constitution teaches us that those responsible much be brought to book.” Second thing which is happening here is that whosoever dies in the name of encounter or militancy, the kin and kith are denied dignified burial which is a constitutional right, he said.

“This is constitutional right and not any favour,” he said, adding, “Also if this thing is not done on one or the other pretext such as covid or law & order, this is not acceptable to us,” Tarigami said as per GNS, adding.
“We believe that this thing is outside the purview of constitution, law or natural justice.”

He said that PAGD was not allowed to meet the families of those killed and offer condolences to them.

“We had decided to offer condolence with the victim families but when Dr Sahib (Dr Farooq Abdullah) contacted the security establishment, he was told that there is no permission.

You can see the situation that we are not even allowed to meet and offer condolences,” he said, adding, “This is not about politics. However our prayers are with them and we share pain with every citizen of Kashmir who is state of mourning.” He said that PAGD demands that rule of law in Kashmir. (GNS)


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