Why is social sites considered a taboo in our society? Every once a while we come across hoardings and headings, we see them talking low of social sites. We often decorate gatherings , conferences and seminars for highlighting the misuses of social sites but as far as i am concerned about this i just want to draw your attention towards the good and legal uses of social sites
Someone has truly said that ” EVERYTHING HAS ITS PROS AND CONS, BUT THE MINDS USING IT SHOULD HAVE BRAIN TO UTILIZE IT IN BETTER AND PROPER WAY ” . I think from this saying we can conclude this very thing in a way that it is not the social media but it is ourselves who are making social media a nuance . Last night me and my friends were discussing about a particular video that went viral on social media . During the discussion someone among us said that ” i didn’t use social media ” with a disgusting look , just to show that whosoever uses social media is not a good person. Not only that friend of mine but every now and then we come across such people who have the same mentality

Whenever we talk about a particular app like Instagram or Facebook ( owned by Meta ) , someone would be there to give you a disgusting look . I didn’t understand what is the fun of showing that if a person is not using it , is a good person and if someone is using it , is a bad person . Most of the people in Kashmir must have noticed the fact that whenever a simple name ” FACEBOOK” is being uttered , our younger generation start hiding their faces , just because using it is considered a bad thing in our society. We are often taught that using social media is not good. But instead of this , if our elders tell us that using social sites for learning, teaching, knowing about new things etc. will be a better thing one can contribute to the coming generation

Social sites have many good uses if someone can look for . We can easily surf every possible thing on google , if we don’t have a teacher we can take online classes , for shopping from a small thing to a big one we can easily shop from social sites , for booking travelling tickets , ordering food etc .So we can use social sites for many things that make our lives easy in the modern and high tech times. During COVID -19 we already came across the importance of social media . From one side life was stuck but social sites were the best friend in those tough times . As students , studying is the most important for us . And just because of the blessing of social media we didn’t feel like we were suffering . We were easily able to take classes on time , doing assignments , tests etc. Even though we were not able to visit our nearsightedness , just because of social media we felt like they were in front of us ( VIDEO CALL ) . So people if we look for the good things that we can get from from social media we find millions and zillions of such pros of social media , We can use social media to build up friends , schedule in-person interaction , and make community impact videos. We can also stay aware of current event and what is going on in their friend’s lives and 71%say that social media makes them feel more included and confident . Social media was once used for fun but nowadays we can use it for our career building like discovering new ideas and trends , bringing attention and traffic our work , also we can build , craft and enhance our brand . As estimated 81% of Americans have a social media account And we also know that America is a super power

We can have a lot of benefits from social media but we just need to keep our minds on the right track and by doing this we can contribute to a nation in the best way . Social media changes all the time , so it is important to keep up with the evolution of the platforms and keep looking for ways to optimize our use of the available tools .


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