Someone might get hurt: Salman Khan hits out at Umar Riaz for violent behaviour in Bigg Boss

DECEMBER 6, 2021 : Jammu and Kashmir doctor turned model Umar Riaz has received a rare dressing down from actor Salman Khan for’violent behaviour’ in the Bigg Boss house. In the ‘Weekend
ka Vaar’, Salman lashed out at some of the inmates for being indisciplined. Salman asked Umar to control his anger because somebody might get hurt in the house. He warned Umar to mend his ways or else he would ruin his image. Few weeks ago, Salman had praised Umar for playing a good game.Umar Riaz has made a lot of headlines recently given his roller-coaster ride in Bigg Boss 15. His fight with Simba Nagpal who pushed him into a swimming pool and called him an ‘aantankwadi’ was something that revealed the ugly side of the reality show. The incident did not go down well with Umar’s fans who took to Twitter to voice their concern.
“Justice for Umar Riaz’ was trending on social media after the incident. Amidst all this, Umar has been in the news for his link-up with Bigg Boss 11 contestant Saba Khan. Later Saba broke her silence in a bid to put speculations to rest . “Even during the promotions, we were together and since then I have known him well and we share a strong bond. I won’t say that we both are dating. We both aren’t dating, but we like each other as human being,” she said.


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