Saudi Arabian flag waved at musical concert; social media goes berserk; finds out video is from 2019

December 15, 2021

Social media exploded with rage after a video of Saudi Arabian flag with Kalima Tayyiba being waved in front of women dancers, some of them scantily dressed, during a musical concert resurfaced and was widely shared.  
Thousands of netizens believed the video was from the recently concluded musical events in Saudi Arabia.
However, the video is actually from 2019 and according to ‘Islamic Information’ page, the incident is from France.
A 23-second video of the event shows a group of girls wearing miniskirts dancing to the loud music beats while a man is waving the green Saudi flag.
Here is the link to the resurfaced video:
The Saudi Arabian flag is never lowered or put at half-mast because of the Kalima (first fundamental of Islam) inscribed on it.

A Facebook user has shared the video on his page and it has notched 11,000 views. More than  135 people have commented on this video. “Very sad. But it happens. As predicted,” said one user.
“Kalima with dance .. khudaya raham,” said another. “Qayamat Karib hai,” reacted another.
Meanwhile, curtains came down on Saudi Arabia’s first major film festival in Jeddah. Arab and foreign celebrities descended on the week-long Red Sea International Film Festival in the western coastal city of Jeddah, where 138 films were screened from 67 countries in more than 30 languages.
On December 6, actors walked the red carpet in evening wear – a far cry from the traditional black abaya that until recently was the officially mandated dress code for women. The festival opened a day after Jeddah hosted its first Formula One Grand Prix, also an attempt to portray Saudi Arabia in a different light. But calls to boycott from critics and activists had threatened to overshadow both events.


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