Reopening of the Church after restoration is a historic occasion to celebrate & imbibe Lord Christ’s message of sacrifice, service, redemption, love & compassion: LG

Over 100-year-old Saint Luke’s Church Restored, Reopened in Srinagar After 30 years

Built in 1896 on the southwest slope of Shri Shankaracharya Hill, St Luke’s Church is a unique symbol of J&K’s composite culture, says LG

Urges all to strengthen the values of brotherhood, peace and selfless service

Christian community of Srinagar expresses happiness at the government’s initiative to renovate & reopen the Church ahead of Christmas

·        Restoration & conservation work of St Luke’s Church has been carried out under the ‘Smart City Project’

·        Before the restoration works, the Church was lying in a dilapidated condition, with the structural members suffering major damage


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