Police public meeting was presided by SDPO Panthachowk Mujahid Ul Haq and SHO Panthachowk at Sheikh Ali Mission School Khunmoh

Today a police public meeting presided by SDPO Panthachowk Mujahid Ul Haq and SHO Panthachowk Nazir Ahmad Teli was conducted at Sheikh Ali Mission School Khunmoh, Panthachowk with representatives /respectables of Khunmoh.
At the beginning of the meeting the participants were welcomed and during the meeting the participants raised/ discussed various issues besides drug menace due to which the society/ younger generation gets badly effected.
Referring to the issues highlighted by the participants, they were assured that issues pertaining to police will be solved in shortest possible time and the rest will be taken up with the civil administration for their prompt redressal.Further participants were also made aware about the measures taken by the administration with regard to security of general public.The participants assured hand to hand cooperation with police, so that peaceful atmosphere in the area will prevail. The participants thanked police for work they have done in controlling drug menace and bringing offenders to justice.The meeting concluded in good atmosphere with note of thanks.


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