LG Manoj Sinha addressed 20,000 PRIs members today

LG Manoj Sinha addressed 20,000 PRIs members today. Under the guidance of PM Modi,we have been strengthening roots of PRIs to build an inclusive society. Our effort is to remove gap between rural & urban,so that prosperity reaches the home & heart of every citizen of J&K. PRIs are the foundation of rural construction & development programmes. In the governance, from policy to service delivery, PRIs act as living cell of the system. By strengthening the PRIs, we are empowering a more effective system to truly realize the vision of Gram Swaraj. Capacity building of elected PRIs will yield productive capacities of agriculture, rural employment, access to basic services like education, health, nutrition, safe drinking water supply, swachhata, social security & transforming rural J&K a business hub. A vibrant and productive agrarian economy is the foundation of high and sustained economic growth. As a watchdog of developmental activities, PRIs can help in making the governance more transparent and accountable to the citizen: LG


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