WhatsApp announces new voice note features: Here are details

WhatsApp has announced new features to help its subscribers to communicate with their contacts through voice notes.

Users can now pause and resume voice messages without playing them all over again. Another useful addition to WhatsApp voice message update is the out-of-chat playback feature using which you can play the message even when you are scrolling through other chats on the platform.

The playback pauses once you leave WhatsApp and switch to another app on your phone. The global voice message player was spotted in testing among iOS beta testers in January. It was also rolled out to some iPhone users last month. And is under trial for desktop users.

Another significant feature added is pause and record voice messages so that you can gather your thoughts and record them again or got interrupted by another call or text. Either way, you can also pause received voice notes and start the message from where you have paused

The waveform in voice notes has been rolled out for most users. Another feature is fast playback support in which you can play all forwarded voice notes with 1,5 or 2x speed. It was previously introduced in regular messages. Whatsapp is also broadening the rollout of the draft preview feature so that you can once hear the voice message before sending it.

The new features will be rolled out to all users with the latest version in the coming weeks. It would, therefore, take some time to reach your device

The Voice message feature on WhatsApp was introduced in 2013. Gradually it became popular for users who want to send lengthy messages without having to type them. This pushed the Meta-owned service to introduce new updates to improve the experience


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