LG Manoj Sinha visits rejuvenated 8th-century heritage site ‘Chinar Darohar’ in Srinagar

Srinagar, April 9: Manoj Sinha, Lt Governor of Jammu and Kashmir on Friday visited the ‘Chinar Darohar’ after the 8th-century heritage site was rejuvenated in Badami Bagh Cantonment by the Chinar Corps of the Indian army.
“This heritage conservation project hosts several excavated figurines tracing back to the 2nd century, in the form of two large monolithic rock Shivalingas, seven Gandhara style sculptures, and a huge rock carving of the feet of a monolithic statue,” stated an official statement by the Srinagar Defence PRO.

From April to July 2021, the Kashmir based 15 Corps of Indian Army diligently restored excavated sculptures, created a themed heritage park to display them, and with technical assistance from SPS Museum, Srinagar, recreated scaled replicas of seven more stone figurines excavated from the site in 1926,” added the statement.
The event was presided over by the Lt Governor who appreciated the exemplary conservation work done by the Chinar Corps through the evident research, restoration, and rejuvenation of ancient Pandrethan monolithic 6th Century rock statues at ‘Dharohar’, in all their ancient splendor.
The Lt Governor stated that he was happy that the National Monuments Authority has recognized this effort of the Chinar Corps through the first-ever award of a citation to any agency undertaking heritage conservation across the nation.
“Such priceless legacy is an integral part of our living civilization heritage, our cultural and historical traditions. Chinar Corps deserves praise for the first initiative of this kind,” Lt Governor added. (Agencies)


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