China Installs 3 Mobile Towers Near Indian Territory, Ladakh Councillor Raises Concern

Leh (Ladakh), Apr 17: Apprehending the possibility of China infiltrating Indian territory as it did in the past, Konchok Stanzin, Councillor of Chushul village in Leh district raised alarms stating Beijing has installed three mobile towers, situated ‘very close to the Indian territory’. Sharing images of the Chinese mobile tower in the Ladakh region, the legislator flagged the absence of a 4G network amid habitation in the Union Territory.

“After completing the bridge over Pangong Tso lake, China has installed 3 mobile towers near China’s hot spring very close to the Indian territory. Isn’t it a concern? We don’t even have 4G facilities in human habitation villages,” the Councillor shared on Twitter.

“11 villages in my constituency have no 4G facilities,” he added.
Village Councillor suspects Chinese mobile towers ‘to observe’ India
What appeared to be a territorial encroachment complaint turned out to be a complaint in relation to the lack of infrastructure in the region.
“I am raising my voice for my people, China has increased the pace of their infrastructure recently they have launched a bridge on Pangong and now recently they have built three towers in a hot spring which can be used for drones. To observe our territory or for communication,” Konchok Stanzin said.
“I want to appeal to the government that we need to counterattack China. More infrastructure should be built as China tried to settle the civilians first and then handover it over to forces. We should take this seriously. Maximum border villages do not have 4G internet, we are behind in communication,” he added. (Agencies)


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