Revisit the law of MBBS doctor as signatory for laboratory investigations: PDCA to Govt

Srinagar April 23 : While all the efforts made in the interest of exploring possibilities to reach the governance, PCDA JK chairman Mr Mohammad Amin Rangrez briefed the press about various issues being faced by the private health sector owners. Highlighting the issue of MBBS doctor as signatory for laboratory investigations he asked the government to revisit the laws being thrusted upon the private sector and while clarifying the issue he said that in government sector health institutions have been exempted from such MBBS signatory why it is being thrusted upon the private sector. He requested LG Mr Sinha to kindly look into the issue and ease the stress and mental agonies of around one lac populace related to the cadre in the field.

Further Mohammad Azad gave indepth scenario of the issue in terms of strategies being adapted to malign the images of technicians who are well versed with their technical qualifications and are right arms of doctors in practice. It was demanded that one time relaxation be given to assure that general laboratory owners are not compelled to come to roads for such issue or close down their establishments in view of unwarranted approach of authorities.
Besides media was briefed about the misuse of registration number of association and it was demanded that various departments should take action against such culprits four to five in number who are using the associations registration number for Kashmir Diagnostic Center Association and are projecting themselves as leaders of trade. The government at large was informed if such miscreants are not dealt at an earliest, the association shall not be responsible for any of their illegal, unwarranted anti social or anti national activity.
The meeting was attended by senior most laboratory technicians who are also the founders of association including Mr Nissar Ali, Mr. Ab Majid Gattoo, Mr Mohammad Maqbool, Mr Bashir Ahmad in presence of district presidents of kashmir division besides other members of PDCA JK.
The chairman thanked all the participants and media in particular for covering the press conference of utmost importance and hoped that government shall take up the issue to retain dignity and integrity of laboratory technicians to highlight their struggle of justice on World Laboratory Day being celebrated through out the globe.


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