Student Injured In An Early Morning Scuffle At KU

Srinagar- A student from Department of Law, University of Kashmir was injured in a scuffle on Wednesday Morning.

The incident took place early Wednesday morning as faculty members and non teaching staff witnessed the incident unfold before them.

Sources from within the Department allege incidents like these are becoming “order of the day”.

A student speaking on anonymity said senior students barged into the class and thrashed a junior namely Danish Haji.

“Danish Haji was attacked with a knife by his seniors and he was taken to JLNM” said a student, speaking on anonymity.

A group of female students from the Department of Law voiced concerned over the incident saying it is difficult to study in an “toxic atmosphere”.

“The department is not installing CCTV’s for a reason. They want to shield influential students who are behind such incidents” students alleged.

Students further said they were traumatized and one of their classmates witnessed a panic attack. They said some other students were also injured in the incident.

Students urged the Vice Chancellor to take cognizance of the incident and initiate action against miscreants who take law in their hand.


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