Centre orders airlines not to charge extra for issuing boarding passes at check-in counters

Posted on Jul 21, 2022 | Author ANI

The Ministry of Civil Aviation on Thursday ordered airlines not to charge extra for issuing boarding passes at airport counters.

The letter referred to an order dated May 2020 that mention general instructions to be followed by passengers and Specific Operating Guidelines for major stakeholders for recommencement of domestic air travel for passengers with effect from May 25, 2020 inter-alia indicating that passengers have to ensure that they make a web check-in and generate Boarding Pass. Further, it is also requested to refer to the letter of even reference dated May 9, 2022 advising airlines to encourage, facilitate and guide the air passengers for making timely web check-in and bag tag printing and minimize/avoid penal charges on non-web-check-in travelling passengers.

It has come to the notice of the Ministry of Civil Aviation that airlines are charging additional amount for issuing boarding passes from the passengers seeking check-in at airport counters. Such an additional amount is not in accordance with the instructions given in the aforesaid Order or as per extant provisions of Aircraft Rules, 1937.

In view of the above, the airlines are advised not to charge any additional amount for issuing boarding passes at the airport check-in counters, as the same cannot be considered within the ‘tariff’ as provided under Rule 135 of the Aircraft Rules, 1937.

The letter has the approval of the Competent Authority and it has been marked to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation also. (ANI)


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