Mehraj Yatoo & His wife Duped Innocent People for hundreds Of crores Mehraj On Run ,Wife playing tactics

Mehraj u din yatoo s/o mohd shaban yatoo r/o Rawathpora bagahat Srinagar aged about 40 years old & under matric .lhe was a tea & pakoda vendor for several years at habba kadal Srinagar during early nineties for several years & then he started working as an auto driver for couple of years ,wherefrom he started transporting sheep of a local butcher namely shabir puj of rawathpora bagaht to the such places where the butcher needs to give delivery of meat

He was then fired out by the said butcher when once he found that mehraj had stolen a sheep from him during a delivery to pulwama & sold that sheep to someone .then mehraj started working as a sumo driver for couple of years but all of sudden he starting introducing himself as a managing director of RP tourism infrastructures & contractors private limited company & his wife ishrat as the Director of the said company .the said company was duly registered during the year 2015 Under CIN number U74999JK2015PTC004358 & registration no 004358.

The said company was existing in papers only in order to dope people .mehraj & isharat doped dozens of people for more than 30 crores & committed fraud with them .they also very successfully duped jkbank for 50 crores .mehraj not only committed these types of frauds but he did not even leave the properties of the people ,he sold out the properties of people with out there knowledge .

He had put dozens of people in misery & mental trauma .the people whom they had cheated were not known till last couple of months that mehraj & ishart had sold them & there families to jkbank in shape of huge amounts of loans that mehraj & his wife had taken from bank on their names ,as .the victims came to know this after bank started sending them notices for repayment of loans that they had never obtained .till December 2021 mehraj & his family were assuring the victims that there problems will be sorted out till end of 2021 but when everyone come s to know that mehraj & his wife ahd not only cheated them by dozens of other people .

Mehraj got absconding with the estimated amount of rupees 80 crore & putting the dozens of families into misry .it is pertainent to mention here that children & wife of mehraj are spending luxurious life on the money of others but victims are dying every day . after mehraj got absconding & victims started to go his house for the payments .he wife filed a false complaint of harassment & kidnapping of mehraj against more then dozen of victims to digest everything police on directions of court started investigation & all the victims were put on questioning but it vwas found that isharat w/o mehraj had made a story to hsash up the matter as she is playing tricks court state in the judgement & dismisses the plea of isharat & accordingly two FIR,s were registered against mehraj at p/s sadder fir no 16/2022 & fir no 203/2021 p/s chanpora but now they showed their real face as they are now totally neglecting the whereabouts of the said cheater .as the mehraj is absconding with amount of rupees eighty crore & the destination of the money is not known at all.due to this action of mehraj dozens of families are suffering & the attitude of his family had put them into mental harassment .

Bank is pressurizing them from other way .there business is closed as he had fleed with everything. some families find no other way to suicide due to bank pressure & complete business loss. Now the height is that no ones dares to go & ask about mehraj to his family because ishrat & other family members used to file dozens of false complaints against those victims, police is always silent .

This type of incident had raised several questions
Where is mehraj
Where is the money
Why police is silent
How he obtained such huge amount of loans
Who are involved in this from bank
Is this money laundering, terror funding of hawala all the questions are till now mystery

Two married daughter of on victim had been dispatched back from inlaws house due to bank pressure on them as mehraj & hies wife had duped them for 3 crores.

One auto driver had been duped for 30 lakh
One student for 1 crore
Dozens of others had been victimized


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