Girlfriend fails in exam angry boyfriend sets fire to school in Egypt mhpl

Cairo, August 24: Love is blind, in love people are willing to do whatever they want. You must know such crazy and strange love stories. But now such a story of love has come to the fore, which has shocked everyone. A young man in love has taken a shocking step. As his girlfriend failed the exam, he directly set the school on fire.

This incident in a school in the Menoufia province of Egypt. A 21-year-old youth who was engaged to his girlfriend. He was in love. Recently, his wife-to-be had a school examination. But she failed in this exam. The young man then became so enraged that he set the school on fire. Due to which the control room of the school was burnt down. Important documents were burnt.

Fortunately, there was no loss of life in the school this time. No one was killed or injured. In no time, the fire brigade reached the spot and brought the fire under control.

After setting fire to the school, the young man escaped and went to his village to hide. But some people saw him. A search was made for him and the police found him. till todayAccording to a report by The National, the police arrested the youth.

He confessed his crime before the police. The police asked why he took such a step. At that time he made a shocking revelation.As his wife failed the exam, she has to study in the same class again. He was afraid of breaking his marriage due to this. So he said that he took this shocking step.


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