Shah re Khaas Trader’s held an important meeting at their head Office


The Shah re khass Traders held an important meeting at the head office khanyar. The meeting was presided by the President Bashir Ahmad kanu, and all the core members were participated in the meeting. Mr Kanu,  briefs about the history of Shah re Khass and the motive behind the formation of Shah re Khass traders.

The Shah re Khass name was given by Mir Syed Ali Hamdani urf The Shah e Hamdan Sahab (R.A). The Shah re Khass was severely effected by the turmoil since 1990 and the traders of Shah re khass become voiceless in that period and ignored at every level. In that period, the traders look on the people whom they felt will talk on behalf of Shah re Khass traders, but nothing happened.

They only use the traders for their personal benefits .The Shah re Khass traders was formed with the hope that it will be voice of voiceless traders, who were suffered from last three decades and with the spirit of fighting for the rights of traders  having genuine demands. The bilaws were framed, and the main points were That.


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