HED to take anonymous feedback from student to improve teaching learning process: Rohit Kansal.


Higher Education Department (HED) has decided to take ‘anonymous’ students’ feedback to make it feasible for faculty to understand the perspective of its learners and to further improve the teaching-learning process, officials said.
The officials said for this the department has accordingly devised a feedback questionnaire for the students through which they could tell how good the teaching was and what sort of improvements they want.
In this regard, Principal Secretary, HED, Rohit Kansal issued a communiqué which said that to make 2022, year of academic excellence and academic reforms by improving quality of learning and teaching in HED, an anonymous student feedback process through a structured questionnaire will be started.
The communiqué further informs that for students to be eligible for providing the feedback, they need to have at least 60 percent attendance.
“The feedback will be taken twice in a semester- firstly in mid semester- 45 days after the start of the semester and the second feedback will be taken at the end of semester, which will be 90 days after the start of the semester,” the communiqué read.
It also said, “The anonymous feedback generated will be collected by the concerned Principal and final data (subject wise) will be shared with the concerned faculty.”
“This will help the faculty understand the perspective of the learners and to further improve the teaching-learning process,” Kansal said in the communique.


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