Big Setback to congress Party, Basharat Bin Qadir District General Secatary Srg, likely to resign


Srinagar, Sep 28 (KB): Big Jolt Congress party, as the leader Basharat Bin Qadir Dist General Secatary Srinagar, Coorprater Chattabal Ward no 24 and Cheif Whip Congress Party is likely to resign the party, source told here on, Wednesday.

Reliable Sources, told Kashmir Bulletin–(KB), that Basharat Bin Qadir, who was affiliated with Congress party since 2003, is all set to resign from the party.

“Sources also aded that, congress party has done injustice with the leader, which has forced the leader to resign from the party”.

“Basharat Bin Qadir who is District General Secatary Srinagar, Coorprater Chattabal Ward No 24 likely, and Cheif Whip Congress Party, is all set Quit in Congress, and which party he is going to join was not know yet,” source added. (Kashmir Bulletin–KB)


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