Iftikhar Ahmad Wants Fans to Stop Calling Him ‘Chachu’

Pakistani cricketer, Iftikhar Ahmad, engaged in a funny banter with a fan on social media with the ultimate goal of stopping him from calling him ‘Chachu’.

Iftikhar Ahmad is often called by his nickname ‘Chachu’ by Pakistani cricket fans. While many find it adorable, some people are of the view that the term is offensive for Iftikhar Ahmad.

In a similar context, the London-based comedian and cricket lover, Salman Malik, announced on his Facebook page that he would stop calling Iftikhar Ahmad ‘Chachu’ if he replied to the post. He also clarified that he only calls by the popular name to express his love for the cricketer.

actually replied to the message with a ‘be quiet’ emoji. While the fans have enjoyed the response, it is also a clear indication that Iftikhar Ahmad prefers not to be called ‘Chachu’.


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