LG Inaugurated annual youth festival ‘Sonzal-2022’ at University of Kashmir

Inaugurated annual youth festival ‘Sonzal-2022′ at University of Kashmir. It is a great opportunity for young artists’ to showcase their talents and ‘Sonzal’ provides them much-needed platform to achieve the dream of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’.

Sonzal means rainbow, which is a symbol of hope, inspiration & good fortune. For students, rainbow finally arrives when they have space for individual growth, independent thinking & opportunity to discover their own hidden treasure that will contribute in nation building.

Young students are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional. It is the responsibility of Educational Institutions to ensure freedom, creativity and engagement for them to become multi-achievers and acquire knowledge & skills to thrive and shape their future.

Our focus on ensuring choice, collaboration, curiosity, communication, critical thinking, creativity, research & enhanced engagement in education system can create better education goals & equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge & values.


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