Woman gives birth in Prophet’s Mosque courtyard

MADINAH — Saudi Red Crescent volunteers working in the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah had the rare experience of delivering a baby the other day when one of the mosque’s female worshippers went into labour in one of the mosque’s courtyards.

According to Dr. Ahmed bin Ali Al-Zahrani, Director General of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority’s Madinah branch, the mother was helped to deliver her child safely by the SRCA volunteer team linked to the ambulance facility on the grounds of Al-Haram. As she was ready to give delivery, the woman was in a severe condition when the teams arrived at the site, according to Dr. Al-Zahrani.

Indicating that she was in labour, the woman was having contractions. The SRCA team reported that she had burst her water and the baby had already out with its head. The staff immediately began helping the woman give delivery while rigorously adhering to the regulations that should be followed in such circumstances. At the scene, a medical professional provided assistance.

Dr. Al-Zahrani stated that after the baby was delivered successfully, the mother and child were taken to the Bab Jibril Health Center for additional examinations. He also added that such cases required intensive medical care. He claimed that because of the team’s specialised medical training as healthcare professionals, the baby was delivered safely.

Dr. Al-Zahrani emphasised the need of dialling 997 to notify the ambulance service in any emergency. The SOS function on the Tawakkalna app or the Asafny app both offer ways to get in touch with the ambulance service. In addition to saving time and effort in getting to the scene and providing aid, this will enable the ambulance team to pinpoint the caller’s position with high precision.


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