Depression can be more than constant sadness, deadly: GMC Psychiatrist Dr Arora

Jammu: Depression is not a fad or a crazy trend, it is real and deadly too. Depression is a serious medical condition that can worsen it left untreated. It can be more than a constant state of sadness.

According to Dr Manu Arora, Head of Psychiatry Department, Government Medical College (GMC), Jammu, “Symptoms of depression can vary in severity, how often they occur and how long they last. Symptoms include having a depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure in activities one used to enjoy, changes in appetite, sleep disturbances or too much sleep, increase in aimless physical activities, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, and thoughts of death or suicide.”

Dr Arora said that for a diagnosis of depression to be made, the symptoms must last at least two weeks and represent a change in the previous level of functioning. Depression is treatable. Medication and brief psychotherapy can relieve depressive symptoms.

Combination therapy has also been associated with significantly greater improvement in depressive symptoms and a higher quality of life. Do not be afraid to seek help. The first step to feeling better is speaking with your doctor about your mental health.


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