Skill development training imparted to empower girls in Srinagar

An NGO called Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre Society has started this initiative in Srinagar and other places to empower women. A skill development centre for cutting and tailoring has been set up by this NGO in Shalateng area of Srinagar to give free training to women and girls. The training will be imparted free of cost.

The centre is well-equipped with the latest technology. The expert trainers will educate them about the latest technology and the latest trends in the fashion industry. They will get their basics corrected at first. For that, the initial sewing will be shown on paper and later it will be transferred to the cloth.

Women will get all the basic training for machines on how to handle and maintain them. So that they could repair the machines in the initial phases.

Trainee Ulfat Jain, Asma Jain are extremely happy about this initiative. They dream to launch their own boutique one day. Ulfat told ANI, “Every girl should take part n this programme. It’s free of cost. We don’t need to spare a rupee.” They have also praised the method of starting with paper as a learning tool.

There are two shifts in which the training is conducted. Trainer Nighat Aziz told ANI, “the motto should be earn and learn. Once the women learn, they could fend for themselves. They would also become job providers. Bonding among women is also developed through such initiatives. I would like to thank the government.”

Mustafa Niyaz, the manager of the centre said this programme is undertaken in ten states and union territories. For the last five years, this NGO has been working in Kashmir. Earlier, they worked for disaster management, stopping child marriage and improving covid situations in the state. (ANI)


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