Baby girl takes birth with four leg s

Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh): In one of the rarest medical cases, a woman gave birth to a ‘four-legged’ girl in Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior district, which has sparked people’s curiosity.

Aarti Kushwaha Sikandar from Kampoo locality gave birth at Kamla Raja Hospital’s Women and Paediatrics Department on Wednesday. According to the doctors, the newborn is healthy.

The weight of the little girl is 2.3 kg. After the delivery, a team of doctors along with Jayarogya Hospital Group Superintendent Gwalior examined the baby.

Jayarogya Hospital Group Superintendent Dr RKS Dhakad said, “The baby has four legs at birth, a physical deformity. Some fetuses become an extra, which in the language of medicine is called Ischiopagus. When the embryo divides into two parts, the body develops in two places. This little girl’s bottom, below her waist, has developed two extra legs, but these legs are inactive.

“Currently, the doctors of the Pediatrics Department are examining whether there are any other changes in any part of the body. After the examination, if it is healthy, then these legs are surgically removed. To live a normal life,” Dhakad said.

The superintendent also said, “The baby girl is currently in the Neonatal Special Care Unit of the Pediatric Department of the Kamla Raja Hospital. The baby’s health is constantly monitored. Doctors are talking about surgically removing his extra legs. At the moment, the little girl is completely healthy.”

In early March this year, a woman gave birth to a baby with two heads, three arms and two legs in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh.

Dr Brajesh Lahoti, who treated the child then, told ANI, “This is the first child of the couple, earlier the sonography report revealed that they have two children. It’s a rare case, his life won’t be very long.”

“The child is about 3 kg, has two spinal cords and a stomach. This is a very complex condition. The child has a condition called bicephalic parapagus,” he said.(Agencies)


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