Whether it is Galwan or Tawang, Indian forces have proved their bravery: Rajnath Singh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said that whether it is Galwan or Tawang, India’s defence forces have have always shown courage and displayed their valour on every occasion.

Addressing the 95th FICCI Annual Convention and AGM in the national capital, Singh said, “Whether it is Galwan or Tawang, our defence forces have proved their bravery and valour. I myself could have never imagined that such kind of magical courage they can show at the frontline.” The union minister also said that “politics is done by speaking the truth.”

“We have never questioned the intention of leaders in the opposition, we have only debated on the basis of policies. Politics is done by speaking the truth,” Singh said.

On Friday, in an apparent reference to the recent faceoff between the Indian and Chinese troops in the Tawang sector of Arunachal Pradesh, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi had accused the Centre of “sleeping” while China makes “offensive preparations” across the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Singh said India cannot become a superpower of the world without fulfilling the resolve to build a developed India. He said, India did not want to dominate any country or it has no intention to capture even one inch land of any other country.

“PM during his address from Red Fort talked about five pledges to the country, which are essential to make India super power and it shouldn’t be considered that we want to dominate any country or we’ve the intention to capture even one inch land of any other country. We want to be a superpower to work for the welfare of the world. India now working on setting agenda on world stage,” Singh said.

Singh said that the world is waiting for the defence products of India and called upon industries to come forward and invest in research and development in defence sector as the future is very conducive for investment in the country. The Defence minister said, Indian defence industry has immense potential and government wants to bring it to be USD 22 billion by the year 2025.

Lauding the Indian economy, Singh said,” In 1949, China’s GDP was lower than that of India. Until 1980, India was not even in the top 10 economies… In 2014, India was in the ninth position in world economies. Today India is close to a $3.5 trillion economy and is the fifth largest in the world.” (ANI)


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