BJP District Srinagar under the President and leadership of Shri Ashok Bhat held a mega convention at Takan wari,Iddgah, Srinagar

Thousands of gathering including men,women especially Youth came to be seen

Today on 28th of Dec 22 ,BJP District Srinagar organized a splendid convention under the leadership and Presidentship of Ashok Bhat in which thousands of people especially youth participated for which the Constituency President Mruneer Ahmed Shah played an important role as the Said Constituency come under his domain.

During the programme District members spoke on the occasion one by one.Besides some respected and responsible locals raised some grievances and queries.While answering to these quarries and grievances,Mr Bhat in his address said that BJP is the party of the nation,poor and needy ,therefore we are here for you to redress all the grievances.Mr Bhat further added that It’s the Modi g’s dream to make this Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir a new Jammu and Kashmir the way India has been made a new India.Mr Bhat further made it clear that we are for you and the youth.we have changed terrorism here into tourism and want to see pen and laptop into the hands of every youth.

Mr Bhat assured them that the God has bestowed you with natural resources with stone related businesses and I will try to expand it scientifically and in a modern way.Other leaders who were present on the occasion are Ms Saba Ali,Mr Hanief Bhat ,Adv Syed Shujat Rizvi, Mr Riyaz Ahmed Ganie,Mr Muunee r Ahmed Shah,Mr Ahmad and others.
Regards Saba Ali


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