BJP Hits Out At Mehbooba Mufti For Making Remarks On National Flag

BJP’s mantra: Nation first, Party Second, Self-third: Altaf Thakur on Mehbooba’s Tiranga assertions

Says party’s smallest worker ready to sacrifice life for the honour of Tiranga; Mehbooba isolated case of not picking up Indian flag; Wonder how can she join Rahul Gandhi, who will raise Tiranga at Lal Chowk,  Minorities safe in J&K, elsewhere
Srinagar, Dec 08: Lambasting PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti for stating that BJP will replace Indian constitution and Tiranga flag, senior BJP leader and party’s J&K spokesman Altaf Thakur said that Mehbooba  is once again day-dreaming and perhaps far from the reality that Indian flag is flying high and every Indian is feeling proud to be part of BJP. He said had that not been the case, there would not have been over 303 MPs of BJP in the parliament, which is the absolute majority.
Taking a jibe at Mehbooba, Thakur said that for BJP, the mantra is “Nation First, Party Second and Self-Third” and there is no question of changing flag or constitution, which is the country’s pride and the fact is that whosoever looks at the flag with an evil eye, will be dealt sternly. Thakur said that BJP’s lowest worker and office bearers are ready to sacrifice their lives for the honour of Tiranga and making statements that BJP wants to change the flag makes no sense. Making these assertions, Thakur said, reflect that Mehbooba is getting frustrated due to the growing popularity of Prime Minister Narendera Modi and his team that is serving the nation to their best capability.
Thakur said that he wonders how she can join Rahul Gandhi’s so-called Bharat Jodo Yatra when she has claimed that “if article 370 was removed, no one would pick up Tiranga in Kashmir.” He said that Rahul Gandhi will be holding Tiranga which he will unfurl at Lal Chowk but how can Mehbooba bear that despite her anti-Tiranga assertions.
 The BJP leader said that the fact is every single resident of J&K is picking up Tiranga and Mehbooba and his few supporters are lone case who are still objecting to raising Tiranga. Who is the real enemy of Tiranga is quite obvious. Thakur also said that under Prime Minister Narendera Modi’s slogan of sab ka saath, sab ka vikas, sab ka vishwas, every segment of society was covered irrespective of cast, creed and religion. Though some members of the minority community were targeted by terrorists, but security forces acted swiftly to eliminate those who were behind such killings. Rest, all the minorities are feeling secure in J&K and the rest of the country since Modiji took over the reins of the nation.


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