Turkey Earthquake: JKSA issues helpline numbers for Kashmiri students

Reports | Iqra Qayoom

Jammu and Kashmir Students Association (JKSA) has issued helpline numbers for Kashmiri Students studying in Turkey after a major earthquake hit the region on Monday.

The association shared helpline numbers in a tweet: 9149500623, 6005493904, 6005682883, 6005590847, 7006028306.

“These helpline nos. for students studying in different cities of Turkey after a massive earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale struck & hit southern Turkey, toppling buildings & triggering a frantic search for survivors in the rubble in cities & towns across the area”, it reads.

In another tweet, it said, “Students studying in Turkey in Colleges, Universities under professional and non-professional courses can get in touch on our helpline numbers. Association has set up helpline to assist students who are in distress & have asked students to get in touch on their helpline Nos.”

“Association is coordinating with MEA Officials, Lieutenant Governors’ Office for assistance on a fast track basis. The Union Territory Government is in constant touch with Indian embassy in Turkey. Necessary measures are being taken on immediate basis.”

It said, “Their families are deeply concerned and worried about their safety back in Kashmir.”

Students are requestd to kindly share your details ASAP in Prescribed Format on below mentioned Nos.

1. Name:

2. Number:

3: Family Contact & Address:

4. Present address:

5: College/University Name:

9149500623, 6005493904, 6005682883, 6005590847, 7006028306


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