Music Brings Joy to Tagore Hall: New Song Launch Captivates Audience

Iqra Qayoom

Srinagar: The city was treated to a night of music and celebration as Thrive Kashmir organized a magnificent event in the lounge of Tagore Hall Srinagar.

The stage was set and the anticipation was high as the crowd eagerly awaited the launch of a beautiful new song, written by the renowned lyricist Atul vasant Joshi.

As the first notes of the song filled the room, the audience was immediately captivated. The powerful lyrics and melodious music captivated all who were present, and it was clear that the song was going to be a hit. The performance was met with resounding applause and a standing ovation from the crowd, who were clearly moved by the beauty of the music.

This event marks another incredible milestone in of music and is sure to be remembered by all who were lucky enough to be in attendance. Shri Atul Joshi once again demonstrated his incredible talent and artistic vision, and the world can expect even more amazing music from


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