Move forward and design India’s destiny: Rajnath Singh’s mantra for defence start-ups

Underlining the importance of start-ups in the country, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday said that from now on the country should move forward on the path of ‘Design our Destiny’.

“Today, after 75 years of independence, we have got an opportunity to move forward on the path of ‘Design our Destiny’. From now on, our mantra should be ‘Design our Destiny’, that is, we move forward towards the Design of our Destiny with our efforts, abilities and resolve; Build it,” said Rajnath Singh at the annual defence startup event ‘Manthan’. Rajnath Singh asserted that innovation is the key step to bringing the next-generation Industrial Revolution in the country.

“If we want to bring next-generation Industrial Revolution, then either we do new things, or we try to do the existing things in a new way. The moral of the story is that we should innovate. Innovation means thinking in a new way, which youth like you can do well,” said Rajnath Singh.

Citing the example of UPI payment methods, he said that the youth of the country should do something new and think out of the box leaving the traditional things.

“We should try to do something new leaving the traditional things. A great example of this is the UPI payment method developed in our country. This method is India’s gift to the whole world, which has been developed only by youths like you,” he said.

Rajnath Singh asserted that to develop the country has to redefine the competition and not move ahead with old technologies and old systems.

“If we have to develop, then we have to redefine the competition. If we think of moving ahead with old technologies and old systems, then we will always be two centuries behind those countries. That’s why today it is necessary that we think in new ways and move forward according to those ways,” he said.

Addressing the event he also announced the launch of the Defence India Start-up Challenge, i.e. DISC-9.

“Defence Ministry has also approved a simplified and fast-track procedure for procurement from iDEX start-ups and MSMEs. iDEX has opened avenues for achieving self-reliance in defence,” he said.

He said that iDEX has been awarded the PM Award under the Innovation category. If the business of iDEX Winners expands, lakhs of people will get employment in the country.

“Start-up Manthan is a grand celebration of the journey of growth of the Indian Defense start-up ecosystem. This is an indicator of the success of our initiative “Innovations for Defense Excellence” i.e. iDEX. iDEX has so far helped many home-grown technologies to develop and move forward,” he said.

“In order to encourage our new entrepreneurs the development of larger projects, we have decided to increase the grants given so far. This shows the government’s support for the hard work, dedication, and encouragement of our innovators and start-ups,” he added.

He said that Start-up means new energy, Start-up means New Commitment, and Start-up means New Enthusiasm.
“If we have to go ahead of other countries, it is necessary for new people and start-ups to come forward. In my view, Start-up means new energy, Start-up means New Commitment, and Start-up means New Enthusiasm,” Singh said. (ANI)


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