Man Faces Action For Misleading Police In Fake Case Of Robbery : Srinagar Police

SRINAGAR, Feb 27: A man was booked here for allegedly misleading police by lodging a false complaint claiming that he was robbed of his money, police said on Monday. The man was identified as Farooq Ahmad Dar, a resident of Bandipora.

According to police, he was involved in the business of buying and selling liquor.
Dar had purchased 13 bottles of liquor from a wine shop in the Sonawar area. After three men stopped him at Hari Singh High Street, he left his bag carrying bottles and mobile phone on the spot and fled from the spot. All this was captured in the nearby CCTV cameras, a police spokesperson said. He was hiding in a nearby building and left while covering his face after some time.

By then the three unidentified men had taken away his bag and mobile phone, they said, adding that no cash was taken away from the complainant. “The complainant was doing the business of purchasing and selling the liquor. The investigation used various technical evidences like CCTV footages, CD-R/ Tower Locations etc,” he said.
While the three accused were arrested, the complainant will now face action under Section 203 IPC for misleading the police with his fake and baseless statement about money.

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