Mugal Road will Be operational very soon

Property Tax Is affordable to every household* DC Shopian Sachin Kumar

Historical Mugal Road is still closed due to accumulation of snow at higher reaches. However, Snow has been cleared up to dhabijan and DC shopian sachin Kumar told that the Mugal road will be throughn for Traffic very soon and on time. Due to snow fall prediction in this week and that has paused Snow clearness Opperation on mugal Road. But district administration shopian is committed that the road will be open for vehicular Movements very soon.

Furthermore, He also said that their is lot of miss information about the heftic amount as property tax. But it is very far from reality. He added that property tax is very low and their is nothing to worry about property tax. Which is affordable and has to pay annually.

Furthermore, Sachin Kumar said that district administration shopian is also excuting Devlopmental work on Shopian and Tourist spot Aharbal and is bring widening the road to attract Tourists to pass via shopian to Aharbal.


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