Manzoor Bhat leads cleanliness drive at Makhdoom Sahab Shrine in Srinagar

Srinagar, April 8: Senior BJP leader and In-charge Media and IT Department Manzoor Bhat Saturday visited revered shrine Makhdoom Sahab in Srinagar on the occasion of Jange Badar day.

According to the party statement, the BJP leader initiated a cleanliness drive at the shrine on the occasion, sending a powerful message about the importance of keeping religious places clean.

Joined by enthusiastic locals, Manzoor Bhat and the volunteers cleaned the premises of the shrine, showcasing their commitment to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in religious spaces.
He appreciated Jammu and Kashmir Police for their efforts in making the region drug-free and for their unwavering fight against the menace of drugs.

Bhat emphasized the significant progress and development in Kashmir under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, with a decrease in corruption and a focus on improving the lives of the people.
Highlighting the role of Jammu and Kashmir Police in safeguarding the honor and safety of the people, he stated, “There can be no better friend of a common people than the Jammu and Kashmir Police, who protect the honor of our sisters and mothers, it is this police who do duty for us on the road for 18 hours, while protecting our country and our people.”

He further urged the public to join hands with the police in the fight against drugs, which are being propagated as part of a well-planned conspiracy to harm the youth of the region.

The BJP leader commended the resilience of Jammu and Kashmir Police in the face of the prolonged terrorism that the region has witnessed, with many officers making supreme sacrifices and enduring grievous injuries in the line of national duty.


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