Srinagar Police Refutes Harassment Claims in Routine Search Operation, Calls Allegations Misleading

There are tweets by daughter of separatist Shabbir Shah claiming harrasment during search operation. It is clarified that it was search of 20 houses, when inputs of movement of terrorists in this locality came. This has nothing to do with G-20 but is routine in case of inputs .
No harassment/harm whatsoever was caused during this search & all SOPs were followed. The lady is strangely linking this with G-20, more strange is an ex CM linking this too with event, when she herself was privy to such search in particular locality due to terrorist sighting.

The search team was having 3 DySPs, 4 lady officials & others. Such attempts of forwarding malicious agenda of attributing routine security measures to an event by family of a separatist undergoing Jail in a terror funding case shows sheer frustration of some vested interests. Srinagar Police


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