Kashmiri Weddings Draw Sharp Contrast Between Rich and Poor

MUBAIRAH JAN The Prophet Muhammad(صلى الله عليه وسلم) said, ”The best wedding is that upon which the least trouble and expense Is bestowed” (Mishkat). How...

Women in far-flung areas deserve attention

MUBAIRAH JAN It’s always said that a woman is the main pillar of a family. She is always considered as the main in gredient in...

Creating hope through action

Dr.Akhil Menia Suicide means an intentional or voluntary determination to end one’s life. The willingness to die originates within the person. The presence of a...

Study Finds 84.4% People In Kashmir Exposed To Covid-19

Srinagar, Anantnag Have Highest Seroprevalance; People Urged To Follow CAB, Go For Vaccination Srinagar, Sept 9 : A pan-Kashmir study has found an overall...

Next 100 days crucial regarding 3rd wave of Covid Pandemic: WHO expert

Srinagar, Aug 10: The Surveillance and Medical Officer (S&MO), WHO, Dr Ashiq Rashid Mir said that the vaccination has played an important role in...

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